Movin on up to the rich side!! 5/23/10

Well as they say change is inevitable!!! And
sure enough Change has come; in a big way. I am now in apart of Auckland known as North
Shore, and lets just say the cars are nicer the houses are bigger, and
the people are well not as receptive, but fortunately we cover two wards and between the two of them we have a few humble streets!!! I also
have been called to be a Zone Leader so I am blessed with much more
responsibilities, but the blessings are as long as I don't muck up I
will have a car and a cell phone for the rest of my mission and those
two things are golden especially in the winter season that is now in
full for. A couple days back we literally had 24 hours of rain. It was ridiculous to say the least. Transfers were on Thursday and I don't
know if I have ever been so busy in my life. Phone calls up the yang
and trainings and calendars meetings on top of meetings plus all the
responsibilities of a missionary. Boy life is good!!! It is so cool
not to have time to think about anything, but missionary work. We just wake up put it into hypers speed then go to bed and thats about all I remember!!! My
companion is another Aussy from Brisborne he is heaps like me so it is
way fun he is excited to have me because unlike me he is skinny as and
can't eat heaps when we go to the member feeds so it takes the pressure
off him haha. Elder Hunt, my last comp, stayed in the old area, and
this will be his last transfer CRAZY!!! My companion has only been out 3 transfers longer than me, but the trend continues I have only had one
companions, my greenie Elder Heslop that I have more mission experience
than. Which funny thing is that he is now in my zone so it will be cool to see how he has progressed when we go on trade offs. We are now
super close to the office, and so we are the zone leaders that get
called on to do this and that. Any ways the work here is good we set
some one this past week and have a baptism on Saturday so we have a lot of work to do with minimal time to do it in, but when we do what God asks then everything
else just seems so work out!!! Sorry for the short email, but not too
much else to report!!! All my love!!!

oh and that is my head from 2 weeks ago in the picture me with Tina and a couple of rabbits me with Jason and Renee, and then my shoes that have been retired!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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