Winter 5/2/10

What a week of cold wind and rain!!!! HAHA biking in the rain just makes me laugh and think of how funny it must be for other people to drive past and see two guys in suits pedaling away and smiling and laughing all the way. We came in a few times this week and had to change all of our clothes down to the, as dad would call it our "skivies". Well this week started our 24 hour suit coat policy which is a drag, but it was funny how when that day came it was freezing and windy. The weather here goes straight to the bones due to the humidity. Everything is back to being mud and puddles. The shoes just don't stay polished like they used to haha. Amazingly we are letting the covenant burn with in as Brigham Young would explain it. President last winter asked us have you got fire? We would reply yes of coarse and now his next step is how hot is your fire and we reply volcanic President. So bring on the winter the numb fingers and toes and lets get working the Lord's children still need the fire we have!!! This week was pretty decent numbers wise, but the greatest part of the week was Renee's baptism on Saturday. Everything went great and I even volunteered to sing. Not alone of coarse I don't wish that upon anybody, but 6 of us elders sang Joseph Smith's first prayer to the tune of "come thou fount." It was really good and many were crying hopefully not because they were in pain, but they felt the love of our Heavenly Father. On another very exciting note our ward was split on Sunday so now we are waiting for word from President who will stay of who will move. One of us will have to move because the boundaries have both our flats in them. We are excited because there is a lot of untouched work that is waiting. The new bishop is very missionary minded, but there is pros for both wards. Hopefully now will be a big turning point for the wards to begin their personal missionary work instead of relying on us. We were very blessed as well to have many investigators attend the baptism and feel the spirit.

Well thanks to those that emailed me this week. Uncle Stephen I am so excited for your family and happy to see that it is growing. Aunt Cassie Elder Mataele (Arizona) and Elder Vaolupe (Tonga) say hello to the missionary in your ward. How crazy is that!!! Your missionary knows elders that are serving with your nephew. Small world or just small Poly culture. They all are related hence we tell them they aren't serving missions just on holiday to visit family haha. I love the culture of it and how close they are something I definitely will take home with me. Estee you mentioned that April must have been the month to teach me Patience and Long suffering I think that is the 2 year lesson. Although I have come along way as most of you know my patience level pre-mission was -1928719827 and not I am maybe a 1 out of ten haha no its better, but I agree all trials have lessons that need to be learned behind them!!!

This week is the week that most missions call home, but President Porter has asked and promised if we don't call home that our baptisms will double so I will be testing that out and waiting til Christmas to call. I know it will be hard, but the worth of souls is great in the sight of God!!! Besides we are way blessed to email weekly missionaries back in the day served for twice as long and some never heard from family of friends. As the song says "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven."

Other than that things are going great and we are enjoying everyday that we have to serve our father in heaven!!!

All my love as a servant of the Master to my friends and family around the world!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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