Stitches?!?!? 5/16/10

What a crazy week it has been all sorts of rain and mud and work and sleep haha what sleep? On Wednesday we came in for lunch and it started to pore down rain like no other, New Zealand rain is like swimming, you get soaked straight away no matter how long you are in it. So I took off my Proselyting clothes (Suit) Jumped into some mufty (b-ball shorts and wrestling shirt) and my companion and I set out to have and adventure in the rain!!! We noticed the gutters were full of the fall leaves and the drains near our flat were all clogged up, we walked around and cleaned them out and just laughed as the rain pored, what a blessing it is to preform random acts of service. After about an hour or so we went in I took a hot shower had some Milo (similar to hot cocoa) and then got back into Pros and went back to work. You may now be wondering about the stitches as my subject. Well after coming into the flat all the shoes out side the door were getting wet, and so I bent over to bring them all inside after a few reaches and twists I went to stand up and twist back to stand up, but I ran straight into a metal box that is apart of the huge dead bolt on our door. I instantly fell to my knees in pain, and sat there for a moment when I took my hands off my head I looked at my hands and saw a familiar red substance, what most people call blood haha. Well sure enough it was blood so I went and cleaned it up and had Elder Hunt call Sister Porter. She was on speaker phone so I heard the conversation. Prior to calling I jokingly told Elder Hunt to just ask Sister Porter how deep does a cut need to be to get stitches, so after a bit of small talk he popped the question I was laughing so hard because Sister Porter went into "Mother" mode and asked 192837498 questions at once. She said go to a doctor and get it looked at. So we called a nurse in the ward told here what it was like and she said oh it will be ok. So we called back Sister Porter and told her and she said well if it is little then just "MAN-UP" Elder Stucki. IT was so funny!!!! So my head is ok and is healing nicely, but Estee this again proves you right when you told me that I will need Health insurance for the rest of my life haha. Just another day at the office for Elder Stucki I guess!!! I tried to attach a picture of the blood, but for some reason it doesn't want to work today.

Well on to the spiritual stuff. This past week was wonderful; Jason was baptized on Saturday, and President Porter made a special trip to come and see it, what a GREAT blessing it was. He is so different CLEAN AND PURE from his old habits and addictions. He truly is a changed man and you can see it from a mile away. We had Tina attend his baptism. She is a rabbit breeder, and not one to leave her house ofter. She came and loved it then was at church again and just was glowing!!! She also came to our monthly mission fireside where she was in tears for most of it. At the end of it we had a Great talk about what she was feeling and things like that. This whole week we have been wanting to move her baptism forward, but she said I am not ready. She was set for June 19, but after the fireside said you are right I need to do this sooner. Tina will be baptized on May 29 and is completely loving everything about the church. I love to see the "mighty change of Heart" in people!!!
This week is transfers so who knows what is next, it will be interesting to see. I still haven't moved flats we are working at getting one this week, but you never know. The new ward is great, and I was able to speak in the old ward. I gave a similar talk to the one I gave a year ago at my farewell changed some of it, but it went really well. Mom I am not sure where you are getting this burning thing, but if I do burn a shirt it will be one that has been "retired" due to holes of stains that are too big no worries all is well haha. Things are great and I am loving the mission. I am looking forward to new challenges and test that come with missionary work and am so grateful for the spiritual growth that I have seen over the past year in myself!!! Thanks you all for the emails, support, love and prayers

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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