What a week/month/year to date!!! 6/27/10

Well this morning we, the zone leaders of the mission, had a conference call with President Porter to account for the month and talk about goals for July. We learned that the N.Z.A.M. saved 156 souls in the Month of June what a miracle this beats the record set last month of 144, and we humbly pray that we will continue to be blessed with this progression!!! Things have been crazy everyday this week with out a solid companion, but I will get one on Thursday since this week is transfers!!! I am very excited for this coming month and transfer in about 1.5 months 8 of our Zone Leaders will finish so our mission will be very very young, but it is interesting to see that with each new intake the Lord is greatly blessing us with faithful young missionaries that believe that they, with the Lords help can baptize monthly and more than one. As a zone we accomplished 19 baptisms which is 7 more than the previous month and we have a goal of 24 for the month of July with many people that back up that goal. As we have been focusing on living our covenants as a mission we have seen how the Lord can truly use us as instruments in his hand. Just as President ALWAYS says best case we are just instruments in the work of God. Oh and if I remember correctly that puts us at 732 baptisms for the year!!! What miracles are all about!!!
So this past week I spent lots of time helping other missionaries solidify their baptisms and training so at was heaps of fun, but I am excited to work in my area again. We have a lot of good things going for the coming month. Tanifa who was baptized 2 weeks ago will get the priesthood and currently 2 of his children are set, with a potential of 5 more so that would be huge for us and his family!! That is the bet, when you watch families join the gospel and just observe how living the teachings of Christ completely unify the family. Also We have been teaching for a while now the Richardson Family who the mom is a member recently coming back to church, and the father and son are investigating. We are hopeful that they will choose a date this week that they want to be baptized on. They are an incredible family, and Elder Davidson and I got very close to them so is was hard for them to say good bye to him, but the work will go forward.
This coming month we will focus on the "Christ-Like" attribute of Purity. In everything from thoughts to actions and everything in between. It will be incredible to see what Heavenly Father can do with us as we purify our lives thus enabling us to hear the quiet promptings of the spirit!!! I truly do love the work all though I am worn out, I think of a picture Kyle sent me while on his mission that had Christ carrying a missionary and it says "If you had anything left you didn't do it right", I pray that I am doing something right and am grateful to my Savior that picks me up when I am down, and carries me!!!

Well that's about it for me no real plans for the day except we have a funeral to go to that bishop has asked us to attend because most of the family that will be there will not be members of the church so hopefully this will be a great opportunity to help them understand where there Father/Brother/Son is now and how they can return and live with them. Then tonight we are teaching a girl that her mom came up to us at church yesterday and said that her daughter wants to be baptized. Our jaws hit the ground and we said well yes we can help with that ha ha. So things are just looking great, some days I wonder why I am so blessed, and then just humbly bow my head and offer thanks to He from which all blessings come!!! Ts is is work, I am his servant , and what better thing could I ask for?!?!? I love you all and am grateful for your support remember we can choose who we are and what we become by deciding today who that some one is!!! God bless and take care!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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