November is here?!?!?!

Wow I can not believe that we are into the 11th month of the year that is truly insane! It was a really good week. Boy sometimes I wonder if I just copy and pasted an old email if anyone would even notice. Ha Ha just kidding, but I feel that I am at that point in the mission where home is a fairytale, and mission is the only life I know. Good mostly, but when it comes to P-days comes around it is weird trying to relay what is happening here in "real life" to "Fairy tale land". My companion leaves one Wednesday I take him home to the mission home tomorrow morning, then he flies back to Australia Wed. morning. He has definitely been one of my favorites! We work very well together and also goof around with the best of them! We have been very blessed this past month the zone Saved 17 souls, and has 21 lined up for November! I will find out who my new companion is probably on Tuesday, and then transfers in on Wednesday! This should be a really big transfer for the mission, due to the fact that the last two have been rather small.

Well news from this week Junior was baptized, so that was great to see! We also had quite a few people at church, so we are hoping to set a few more than we already have for the month of November. I spoke at our stake priesthood meeting on Sunday so that was a good honor. One of the stake presidency members asked me after speaking at his home, and at church! I feel it went really well I spoke to encourage all the young men to serve a mission. I hope that it went well. Well sorry, but I am out of stuff to say if I think of more I will come back later, but don't hold your breathe I love you all, and hope that Heavenly Father will continue to bless you as I serve faithfully!

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