Week, month, & Transfer!!! 11/08/10

Well another week, month, transfer have all come and gone! So as you know my old companion Elder Rea is home. So I got a new companion, his name is Elder Brown from Khasville, Utah, so I am back to an American. He was companions with Elder Rea when they were my Zone Leaders in Manurewa. He just came from Waipuna ward where I have also served, and when I became a district Leader I replaced him in Papakura. He is a solid missionary, but the trend continues..... I have only had 1 companion that has been in the field for less time than I have, and that is when I trained! Elder Brown goes home in January, so I may also kill him off as well not to sure!! We have had a lot of changes in the Zone only one companionship did not have a change in it so now we are working at getting to know them and striving to help them catch the vision! Elder Brown and I also moved flats so now are flat is bigger than a shed, which is really nice, but we spent about 8 hours cleaning the filth that the old missionaries lived in and were ok with. Obviously they didn't have my mom as their mother! The flat is now super nice, and the spirit is strong!!

We have had a bust week with transfers and all that so not too much work going forward, but we were able to set a boy names BJ, and his mom named Poly for the 27 of November!!! They live with their Sister/Daughter Sister Pisa. We have had some very spiritual lessons with them!! They went down to the temple for a visit, and the mom just couldn't stop smiling and saying how good she felt!! We taught them that night after they got home, and they asked how they could go inside, we explained and then committed them to be baptized after a bit more talking they accepted, and now the work begins!!! Charles and Junior got the priesthood yesterday, and Charles bore his testimony in church so they are still progressing which is very good to see!! We are working very hard to "fill the pipes" we have a fairly low teaching pool, but we have faith that Heavenly Father is preparing the hearts of his children to help them receive us and his gospel!!

Well now to some home stuff... I am always happy to hear about Palo Verde victories I think I have more pride in that school than 90 of the students that actually go there ha ha. Hopefully they can take out Gorman or who ever is the competition of the year!! Speaking of sports I want to play rugby league when I get home, I know it isn't very popular, but it is so much fun. Of coarse I will be back in the wrestling room asap. Last week on pday I wrestled a few Elders one that wrestled in High School you will be glad to know that I remain Undefeated on the mission!!! Estee I am so excited to see your house it seems like each week you have done something more to make it a home. Have you "dedicated" it, if not get Dad and Kyle to!! Dad I miss dutch oven cooking heaps, and that food you made sounded delicious! I am glad to hear that Grandma Tryon doesn't have cancer that is a huge relief!! How are the Stucki's I have not heard from them in months!! I know everyone is busy so I don't blame any one!

Well that is my update for the week as you can tell things are going very well we are excited for the next six weeks and the miracles that will be about!! Please continue to pray for me and those that we teach!! Hope you have a safe and enjoyable week!!! I love yous all!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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