New Things to See

Hello to all!!! Well this week was transfers and I am in a new area it is a city called Pakuranga like 10 minutes from my old area. The 2 wards I am in now are great!!! We have a car which is such a blessing and we are able to get a lot more work done!!! One of my wards had their primary program this week so it was the best Sunday ever!!! Estee they are just like the wards in America funny and so spiritual just like we love. One of the wards (Howick) is mostly Polangey (white people) and the other one (Waipuna) is just like my last one mostly islanders. Howick ward is really organized, but Waipuna is bursting with missionary spirit. We had a baptism on Saturday with five other people set with a date and we will set at least 2 more this week. The lord moved me into a beautiful area and I am so thankful. My companion is Elder Rezel another Australian that has been out for 7 months. It is nice to be with someone that doesn’t go home soon it makes me feel less young. He is 26 however haha. He is a convert to the church the only one in his family and his father passed away just over a year ago. We plan on doing his work Wednesday when we go to the temple. That brings me to the temple trip we will meet at my old building and bus down to Hamilton and do 2 sessions then have our zone conference so it will be a jam packed spiritual day for sure. I am so excited I haven’t been to the temple in ages. My thoughts are scrambled because I am at a different email place than I am used to. This week was full of firsts for example this bed is the only other bed I have slept in New Zealand. My last Flat was the only one that I had ever slept in. Even on trade offs the other Elder always came to my flat so it was weird to wake up in a different place!!! My new flat is really nice and super clean. This morning I vacuumed the house and car my companion was thrilled because he is a very neat elder and all of his other companions never cleaned. I guess I get that from you mom haha!!! Today we are going to go hiking which will be a nice change to basketball. I was happy to hear there is actually cool stuff to see in this area. Oh I got a letter from Jared this week he sounds so good!!! It was weird to see an envelope from Japan!!! Brynn I finally got your letter and I will write you back today!!! It was really hard to leave Eseta tears were definitely shed, but she is going to bring us food this week so that will be so nice!!! Also the good by to my old ward mission leader was a tough one, but it was nice to leave it was definitely time to see other things especially with my new companion. We laugh so much. I found out today that he though I was going to be a boring guy. Guys he was in for a surprise when he met Elder Stucki huh??? But it has been great so far. Oh and that is funny about fathers day and I now do remember that I sent a card from the MTC, but we need to celebrate our parents more so there you go haha. Thanks everyone for writing it keeps me going through out the week. It is crazy to see how Life continues on even when you are so far away. I forgot my email list this week so I am sure I am forgetting things to say, but I told you the important stuff!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Those of you that are member of the church I commit you to do one missionary act per week. I promise the blessings will come to you and your family more than you can imagine!!! For example bear testimony to some one, invite them to church, bring them to an activity, or just let them know that god loves them!!! This is the true church here on earth and it is an honor to wear the name of the Savior on my chest along with my own name. May the Lord help us each day do be a little bit kinder, a tad more patient, and a lot more loving.
Love you all!! !Elder Stucki

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