From Over Seas

(Just to preface, this isn't an old e-mail. Matt didn't realize that other countries have different dates for some holidays)
Well hello to everyone over seas haha it is weird how far away we all are, but the love I feel is as if you were here with me. Last Monday evening I went out and just looked at the stars and it reminded me how small we really are. It also reminded me of the times that all of us grand kids would sit out with grandma Stucki and try to find the big dipper. I also think that grandma has a little Samoan in her blood because we always had food with us!!! Also, last Monday I went to get a few things from the shop and looked up and saw a father’s day sign, my heart sank and I felt like a terrible son, I forgot say happy fathers day in my email. Luckily here in New Zealand we are a step ahead, well at least in time, so technically I didn’t miss it, but it is today. So happy Fathers day dad!!!
Yesterday I got up in fast and testimony meeting because it may have been my last in this ward, since transfers are this week. I wished all the fathers a happy father’s day and with the emotions I get from my dad cried as I finished the things that I know to be true!!! It was a powerful testimony meeting, so many people came up to me after and threatened to tie me up so I don’t leave the ward. It was a great feeling to know that I am wanted hahah, but I will go where ever I am called!!! I also asked Brother Lavea, my ward mission leader for a blessing, because it is the start of a new school year in America so I wanted to keep the tradition alive, as he spoke I imagined dad speaking to me and wept like a little girl who lost her doll. It was a powerful and much needed blessing that was said with so much love. That will be the hardest part about leaving, if I do, saying goodbye to all these wonderful families. It is crazy how through service you develop such a love for people.
Well this week we taught heaps of less active lessons, and are trying hard to help them get back to church. It is crazy how many of them are return missionaries, and just fell away a few years after they got home. I pray everyday that that will never happen to me. Marc should be getting the priesthood this next Sunday so it is all very exciting!!! Eseta couldn’t make it to church, but we are still praying for her always, that she will be able to act on the faith she has.
So Alyssa and Liz who are your teachers, how is the 6 class schedule, and what is new @PVHS? I admit it is a little sad, but I was stoked to hear they stomped Mojave!!! Mom do you like having only 6 periods? Mom you asked about the exchange rate, and it is something like a $1.67 to 1.00 American dollars, but the stuff is just more expensive here to the exchange rate doesn’t matter much for me. I’m glad you found my license if you could send that asap and just keep looking into the thing with Uncle Les’s friend that would be great!!! Brynn your letter still isn’t here so I am expecting that it will come this week, when did you send it? Elise (Dondero) how is college? Ashby girls are you still loving school? How are your teachers? Aubrie and Brian how are the quads? Do you like your teachers? Are you keeping your mom in line? HAHA Steph you know I love you and Dane heaps!!! Valerie how is your class? Are you still living alone or do you have a roommate? Aunt Teresa I think you should get a 60’’ Plasma instead of the 19’’ TV haha Remember I am your source for technology information haha. Kyle I love how you call your apartment a flat. It is way cooler anyways. I hope classes are good for you and one of them will have my sister in Law waiting for you haha jokes bro jokes. I would much rather you find the right one when she comes than rush, besides I want to be there for it!!! Estee I hope you are saving a room for me in that house of yours!!! It sounds so sweet!!! Does your stainless steel all match HAHAHAHAHA??? How is your new ward? Dad keep on trying with those deacons some day they will be missionaries and regret how they ignore there leaders (personal Experience) Honestly they are just confused, but try using Preach my Gospel it is what made the church so important to me!!! Grandpa and Grandma Stucki have you started the fire place up yet??? Grandpa how is the wood pile? Make sure you teach Garret to work like I tried to!!! Garret and Kelsea how is school? It’s been ages since I have heard from you, miss you both!!! To all my other family how are your kids, are you having family prayer and family home evening, if not its ok just please start now. Your children will be righteous if they are taught upon the principles of our saviour. I encourage all of you to have a copy of Preach my Gospel in your home and teach from it. It could be renamed “How to raise your Children, or A guide for Family night.” I love that book if you can’t tell I just finished reading it cover to cover last week and am now going back and studying individual topics. Kyle I took your Challenge and Studied charity. Man it is a lot more than just being nice to people!!! Well everyone thanks for all the love and prayers!!! Keep up the good work and remember no matter what we have done or what we will do in our lives our Saviour Jesus Christ is there for us. I plead with you all to continue to follow the counsel of our leaders and make your life right!!! It is so important that we all make it to the Celestial kingdom (heaven) so we can continue to live laugh and love together. May the Lord bless us all is my prayer everyday!!! I love you all heaps and heaps!!!
Your missionary man, Elder Stucki

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