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Hello friends and family!!! This week was the best of my mission so far numbers wise. We had 4 baptised 31 lessons and 7 new investigators the work continues to get better. Just as president Porter say this mission doesn’t work on a quota system, the lord has more and more blessings we just need to continually qualify to receive those blessings. We also have 3 other men that we will be setting with in the next week or two for baptism so the month of October will show no signs of slowing down. This week we got to teach the primary so that was heaps of fun and they are some smart kids. This week at the baptism I was thinking how great it was, but I wished my family was here to enjoy the same blessings I have!!! Please continue to pray for me and my investigators, it really helps.
Earlier in the week my companion and I were talking about our parents and I couldn’t hold my emotions as we discussed our extreme love for our mothers like the stripling warrior my faith started with my mother, and Mom you mean the world to me. The only problem will be some day trying to find a partner that matches my mom. I am here to tell you no one will match you mom. Fortunately I have ages until I have to think about that. Mom I will send pictures ASAP just down load them and then send me back the memory stick please. Mom I did get your letter and I got my New Zealand License today thanks for the hard work Uncle Les and Dad!!! Driving here is different than Vegas not only the opposite side of the roads, but when it rains here the roads don’t get slick. I guess that’s because it rains so much so the oil isn’t like it is back home.
So Conference you all will see it a week before me, we will watch it the Saturday after. It is crazy that our ward is changing so much. Bishop Jolley you are the man thanks so much for all you have done for me personally. No matter where you serve now you will be great!!! Tell me all about the new wards and all that good stuff. I liked the article you sent about the girl in the stake and ward I serve in. I don’t know her, but I know no one ha-ha. Sorry this email is short just not too much to report. I love it here I am doing great I love you all heaps and miss you just as much, but the time will be fast I mean it has already been 4 months crazy huh? The nature walk last week was way fun so you can see it all in the pictures everyone have a great week and read those scripture and pray often the Lord will bless your families more than you know.

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