Mommy it's cold out side! 7/11/10

What a wonderful week it has been and just flew by!!! To expound on one of the miracles of last week. when we found the Samoan man on his porch in a towel.......Well we passed the family on to the Samoan missionaries and now the daughter of that man is set for baptism for the end of the month!!! Things are progressing nicely and it was so great to see our miracles pan out and we will be excited when she receives the blessings of baptism!!! As for the now 9 we have set 4 of them, Tanifa's children had to be pushed into August because they missed church, even after calling, visiting them, and making sure they were ready, and then doing it again for our afternoon ward haha Satan is in the details, but we will act better next week and just have a member pick them up!!! Other than that things are going great this past week God placed before us a 9 year old that has been coming to church so we taught and set her yesterday for the 24th of this month so that brings us to 5 set for the end of the month and 4 in August so far. Miracles are just all about if we but qualify and seek them out!!! This week we had Zone Leader council and then the next day Leadership training so we had minimal time in our area this week, but we stayed diligent and our numbers were still very good!!! We just got word as well that the missionary "Curriculum" and 6 week schedule will be making big changes over the next10 months or so. So now the missionaries will be taught 8 trainings repeatedly that will build their teaching skills, we only have Zone Conference every 3 months and interview every 3 months instead of once a transfer! They have also make ZL council1 time a month instead of once a transfer and a few other minor changes!!! This is not just our mission, but world wide from the brethren!! It is excited to see that the church will continue to progress and work on the things that God wants us to so that we can be effective as possible.

On other notes one of our investigators Mihi, who is 19 who we found when her mom said that her daughter wanted to be baptized, I talked about her 2 weeks ago, anyways she is just doing amazing!!! She shared with our Gospel Principles class that when we first set her for baptism she was scared to death and very unsure about it, but as the lessons have went on she is now just excited and loves everything she is learning. We went and taught her last night and she said she wants us over every night of the week. She has just brightened so much you can totally see the change that Heavenly Father is helping her to have as she keeps commitments and reads the Book of Mormon and attends church. She is one of those investigators that all missionaries search for, but I have been so blessed to find her. She loves to laugh so that works well with me since I love to joke, but she also is very receptive to the spirit!!! Also her niece who is 14 is doing great!! I am stoked for them to be baptized and to completely be into the Gospel.

It has been a week of work and miracles and meetings I have never realized how much one can accomplish in a day with proper planning and the assistance of a loving Heavenly Father!!! I am tired and freezing, the weather has taken a dive in temperature, but we work hard and the spirit keeps us warm and gives us the energy necessary to do the things that we have been asked to do!!! Mom I am not sure why you didn't like my joke about shorter emails it was a good one!!! Thanks Dad for your thought on Humility and the encouragement there!!! One thing I laugh at is having no idea what is going on in baseball. Mom always says Dad will fill you in, but nothing, so some updates would be nice!!! Love you all have a safe and happy week!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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