Sick again?!?!?

What a week came down with the same thing again of flu and cough cold what ever you want to call it I like to call it near death haha, but I went to the doctors and forced them to give me medicine this time and so now I am getting better and finished the week strong as a companionship, but the mission had a bit of a dip with the # of sets that were lost so we had a meeting this morning and are working with our District Leaders to get everyone back into shape. We are excited and ready for the coming week. We had 9 people come to church yesterday haha I made that sound like we just sat at church and let them come. We fought Satan to the end as he tried everything he could to divert the people that we had invited to come to church!!! Everything from family popping up last minute to car problems. we saw it all. I now just find it humorous how hard he works for absolutely nothing!!! We had to reset TeWhai for August, but that's ok because his Dad also came to church yesterday!!! We were stoked. That is the Richardson Family that the Mom is a member, but the Son and Father are not, They are really close with me and my last companion and wanted us to stay in the house which is super super nice while they were in Australia, anyways things are good we have 5 set for this coming weekend so all your prayers will be needed please!!! This is a weak weak email, but we had been flat out and my brain is mush!!! We had an emergency shift of a missionary this morning so we have been running around like crazy hence my email is later than normal. Kyle you need to come and translate for me we meet heaps of Koreans in this area that are Christian, but the problem is that we have no Korean Missionaries!! We do have Chinese, but that isn't helping with these people!

Yes mom we get fed plenty not crazy new food, I have just started working out every morning like more that the old push ups sits ups stuff and really watching what we eat as a companionship. We have made a goal to live the word of wisdom better so I am excited for that and the blessings that will come of course sometimes at feeds we don't have a choice, but we can eat better when it is just us!!! I definitely feel healthier and have a bit more energy, but the sickness is kind of haltering those results haha. what else is new..... Oh I got a package from Leanne this week that was awesome and a sweet card from Grandma Tryon thanks sooooo much I know what it is like to be chased by dogs hahah!!! The new MTV in Manukau (MON-OO-COW) opens in a few weeks. It is so so flash holy moly!!! Our mission has been put in charge of all sorts of tours and singing for the Prime minister and stuff for the Grand opening so that will take lots of time for about 20 companionship's, but they hope to spread it out through all the city zones!!! Yep that's about all the updates, things are just chugging along!!! Love you all take care and have a good week!
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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