Week of Miracles!!! 7/4/10

Well this week was transfers so I finally have a companion. His name is Elder Larsen from Sandy, Utah. He was my district leader while I served in Dargaville so we know each other well and get along pretty good. He has a lot of faith and loves to work so things will be great!!! I never went on a trade-off with him without setting someone for baptism so we do the Lords work well together. We currently have 8 set yes 8 in our personal area and 26 set throughout the zone for this month. The Lord is truly blessing us. One of my favorite qualities about Elder Larsen is his sincere humility. Something that I can always do better at. I feel that is a big reason we are together!!! Last Monday our zone had only 11 set, but they have been working hard and experiencing miracles everyday!!! This week should show more improvement as well so we are looking forward to another great month!!! On Saturday we had some extra time and through a series of promptings Heavenly Father blessed us to be led to a street. As we drove up the hill there was a house that had its porch light on, too perfect I know, but true story we got out of the car and walked towards it then we saw another man and went and talked to him then continued the journey to the house that we saw!! When we got there we talked to the daughter because the mother didn't speak very good English and got their details to pass onto the Samoan Elders!!! Then we went to our car and went to turn around in the circle. We looked back to the house and saw who we would later learn is the father in a towel in the freezing rain flagging us down. Come to find out he is less active and wants to come back to church and have his 12 years old daughter baptized!!! I stand as a witness that God will lead his children to us and us to them as we follow the promptings of the spirit. Some thing that my companion and I have been doing well and we have had other miracles just like this in the past few days!!! What a transfer it will be if we continue to qualify for the companionship of the Holy Ghost and listen to the quiet promptings it gives us!!! The work is great, but there is much more to be done. Things to perfect and skills to improve, until we become the precise instruments that Heavenly Father needs, what a life long and worth while pursuit!!!

My you asked for my flat address for google earth...it is 17a Flaggstaff so the flat under the house you will probably see just the carport down a little hill!!! I am glad you got my letters for everyone, and yes they all have a collage picture in them! Estee, Tanifa has 11 kids in the house 6 of which are his 4 of which are eligible to be baptized!!! Last week I told you about the mother coming up to us at church that wanted her daughters to be baptized so Monday we taught and set three of them, but only 2 came to church because one goes to another church for now anyways so the miracles are all about and I feel like I am doing what the Lord wants. So pretty much I am just letting him do his work instead of getting in his way through disobedience laziness and all that. IT feels good to be able to know that you are on his side, because you are either on his or Satan's we all have to make our choice!!!

Well I know the letter is short, but supposedly that's what happens on the last half of the mission hahah love you all I love to hear about your families and things each week. May Heavenly father bless us all as we strive to do his will I pray each day!!! Love ya loads

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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