Dad's a funny one!!!

Date: Sunday, December 19, 2010, 2:00 PM

I Just finished reading my emails and I got a kick out of Dad's. He said that Bishop Larkin said if they don't accept missionarie's calls that the ward will double the baptisms. This is a play off of mothers day when I told mom that I wouldn't be calling because President told us that if we didn't then we would double our baptisms!!! Don't worry I called home, but Dad if my phone call is not welcome then so be it ha ha. Things are still just chugging right along, another busy week has come and gone! This week we had another mission conference/transfers. I am still here in Otara (Tamaki Stake) with Elder Brown and will be here for a while because Elder Brown will finish in just a few week (5). I had mixed emotions about the transfer, but there is always a reason that I need to be somewhere so I am here and am to find that reason or reasons.

At our mission conference we had our normal trainings on various topics, but at lunch time we had the missionaries preform. The Samoans, Tongans, Chinese, Australians, and some self made groups all preformed. Earlier in the week President called me to be the MC of the performance. So I came up with the idea to have N.Z.A.M.'s gt talent! I chose three missionaries 1 sister and 2 elders to play the Judges from American Idol. So it was just beyond funny. I was the host and to completely understand you will have to watch the video. Sister Porter recorded it so I hope to get a copy soon and will definitely bring it home with me for all to watch!!! I am thinking of becoming a TV host of some sort ha ha jokes!!

Things are looking really good for this weekend. It truly will be a white Christmas. Our stake is having the baptisms all together at 10am Christmas morning and there are 10+ that will be getting baptized. We have been richly blessed the past couple weeks with new people that have committed to be baptized. It is looking like the biggest Tamaki has ever seen!!! Our investigators are doing very well. We have 7 baptisms set for Christmas Day. Ricky who is a 10 year old boy that has been going to another ward, but lives in out boundaries was passed over to us this week, so we set him for Christmas day. Ocean Knight we just need to get her dead beat partner out of the house, but other than that she is all good to go. Then the miracle Finau Family Mum Nia, and kids Sione (See-o-ney), Leon (Lee-on),and Paia (Pie-uh). They are a miracle because Nia on Friday lost her 2 month old baby so we were so scared that she would want to move here baptismal date, but when we went and saw her yesterday she said... I want to be with my son and all of my children again I believe what you teach is true, and I believe in the plan of Salvation. What a magnificent response, we could not have asked for a better one!!! I know for a fact that we were lead to her by God to prepare her for this sad event in her life. She is so strong and we are stoked for her to continue to make changes in her life. Last but not least is Ana she is part of that same family, in a round about way, she was married to the cousin's son of Nia and they all live together in the Kaufusi's home. The Kaufusi's are members in our ward and have been doing an incredible job with fellowshiping them!!! We are stoked to have a white Christmas this season. Right now it is rainy and hot/humid, which does not go well with shirt and tie ha ha.

Well that is about it you will hear from me this week in my phone call home if you choose to answer or I can find someone else to call ha ha. I love yous all!!! Please continue to pray for those that are being taught, for the missionaries in New Zealand, and through out the world!!!
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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