Life is good!!!

Date: Sunday, January 16, 2011, 2:25 PM

Kia Ora Whano
I just laugh thinking how all of you will translate that in your head ha ha. It has been another great week with some big progress. I am in ahhh of what the Lord can do if we just rely on his power and now rely on the arm of flesh! This week was interviews with President he was happy as can be with how the Zone is doing and the progress that has been made!!! In my personal interview he talked about what he wants me to do after the mission with regards to career. He talked about a general manager and some other fancy things ha ha. I don't know if you know this, but he used to go into major companies like Pepsi-cola and Gm and he would redefine their management and increase there income in a ridiculous way. When he finishes here in New Zealand he has been asked by the church to move to Alpine Utah, and he will be working with the "business" side of the church improving the structure and what not. He is incredible at what he does and it is crazy to think that the the church has asked him to come and take care of the slack that is costing the church money!! He says he sees a lot of him in me so he wants to help me use the talents that God has given me to make a lot of money quickly for the Lord and help build the church in any way that I will be called. It was definitely spirit led as I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do. I feel really good about the suggestions he made, and know that he can get me in with a lot of major companies so that puts my mind at rest. He could really tell that the work is taking a tole on me so he was concerned at first. I told him I am just beat and don't know how I can make in another day let alone another 5 months he smiled and said me either ha ha. He goes home with me so that is good that we can both fight to the end!!! I asked him for a priesthood blessing which was exactly what I needed I really feel refreshed and excited about the work!!! We had 17 new sets this week in the zone which puts us back up to a projected 31 on the month. President said he has never seen a zone beat its best two months in a row so he issued us a challenge. You all know how I love a good challenge. We have a lot of work to do this week, but it will be heaps of fun and sleep will feel real nice.

This week we have a city wide conference with Elder Bednar yes of the quorum of the 12 Apostles! I am very excited and look forward to the revelation that we will receive and what we can do to continue to improve!
Well some investigator updates: Tee-Tee, Dee, and their friend that just moved in with them are all set to be baptized on the 29th of January!! They have really improved, and are now really understanding what we teach, and on a great note they did not think church was boring this week. Partly because Elder Brown and I spoke we talked to their level, but they stayed for all 3 hours and then we had a lesson with them last night. Supposedly outside of church they were confronted by some man telling lies about Joseph Smith they just told him to shut up they did not need his help because they are "Mormons." It is always a good sign that investigators stick up for the church before they are even baptized!!! Zane's baptism over the weekend was very special. As he came out of the water he hugged his uncle and with tears the both expressed their love for each other. Zane, Soni, and Sione all received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday. My joy is full. We also found out Saturday night that BJ who was baptized in Nov after spending a few days with us teaching and stuff has expressed a desire to serve a mission!! What joy filled my heart and my gratitude to the lord in unmeasurable!! I can not put into words what is in my heart I have been a part of changing hearts thus changing the destiny of many many people. Some say we go on a mission to pay back the Lord......Those of us that serve or have served know that we serve and gain a greater debt to our God in his love and mercy. This week Terisa will be married and baptized she is doing well just has to stay strong and keep living the word of wisdom!! Miracles are every where it is just a matter of qualifying for them. Well I am healthy and happy and ready for another week of early mornings and late nights, stressful days and sleepless nights. The life of a missionary there is no better way to live!!!

I love you all and ask that you will continue to pray for me and the New Zealand Auckland mission!!!

P.S. The pics are Zane's baptism and some yuck shrimp I will let you use your imagination and come up with your own story!!
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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