Date: Sunday, February 27, 2011, 8:38 PM

Well it doesn't feel like it has been two weeks since I have emailed, but it has. Actually today we had to move the Sisters into a new flat so I could have easily skipped another week, but I wanted a home to come back to not the dog pound so I thought I better make time to write. I am grateful that Sister Porter was able to send you a note letting you know that we are ok. The earthquake is hours and hours away we felt nothing. The death count is pretty high and what is crazy is heaps of the building has scaffolding all around them fixing them from the last earthquake. The people are really heart hearted in that part of the country (mostly white people) Supposedly the missionaries down the (different mission) were praying that something would happen because last time the earthquake hit their baptisms shot up for 2 months then dies down again. So some say their prayers were answered. Again we found out like a day or two later so ya all is well. Tonight I got permission call a bunch of all members and converts so that I can better plan our trip, and where we will be! That is crazy to me. Yesterday was my 21 month mark! I can not believe the speed, but I am grateful for it because I am tired I am looking forward to a good sleep, but until that day comes I will work my buns off eh mom?!!!

Well 2 weeks ago we had the stake baptism (picture attached) not as big as the Christmas one, but still really good! Crystal Matt and Theodore were all baptized they loved it and are still growing in the Gospel. Then this past Sunday morning John Taylor and his mother Tino were also baptized! We did really well this month and it is more and more evident that Heavenly Father is in control of the work and when we do it his way we are blessed beyond what our own strength can do!! We are now into March which is insane a week from Thursday is transfers and that is INSANE!!! What a fast shift. So no I did not move it was other elders their flat was not up to the quality that the church expects so they had to move out and same with the Sister's. I am glad that I got the skills to move. Thanks Valerie and your ridiculously heavy furniture, also Dad, Uncle Les, and Grandpa for teaching me how to stack and pack tight and organized, and Uncle Les Again for teaching me how to drive a trailer everyone is impressed that is doesn't take me an hour to get the trailer tight where we want it!! Funny how those little things come in handy. Things that I took for granted, but it is insane how so many elders and sisters are completely clueless!! I wonder where the grew up and 9 times out of 10 it is Utah stinkin bubble children!! HAHA Of coarse I say that with all the love in my heart!!

The work is still moving along slower than we would like it, but that is because we baptized our whole pool and the ones that we found along the way have kind of fizzled out, but I know the Lord will provide a way for us to Save Souls again in the month of March! Oh and tell JARED I am waiting for an email from him he has been home for ages, and nothing he is gonna get a whack is he doesn't shape up! I did receive a letter from Leanne, Britley, and Elder Jolley (from MTC) today that was really nice. I have some letters to write, but ZERO time to do so! BUSY BUSY BUSY! But life is good I would hate it if it were not busy! Well I think that is about it for this week we have 20 minutes until we have to be at our first lesson, and we still need to shower. I love you all and am glad that you forgave me for not writing last week. Sorry mom I am still human. I guess New Zealand still has some polishing to do with this Elder; good thing I still have ages to learn and to grow. The race is never judged with the beginning or the middle. It is always about how you end. I plan I ending stronger than ever fighting to the last day. I love you all and pray for you continually. Thanks for all your love, prayers and emails have a wonderful week!!

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