Here we are again!

Date: Sunday, March 20, 2011, 4:01 PM

My goodness I feel like I was just here, but it has been a whole week and not too much to report. We had a baptism on Thursday of a Niuean boy name Masiniua. He comes to church with his Grandma and is such a good boy. He was so happy and excited and it was a special day for him. Other than that it has been a faith testing week many things falling through, but miracles are brewing. It is definitely a challenge to stay motivated toooo many people ask me when I am done, and I just want them to all go away. Thankfully I am losing myself in building others so that when I do go that they can carry on. There is so much young talent in the mission that I am excited to see what happens over the next year or so. New mission President comes in in July so that will be an interesting transmission for the mission, but President Porter is doing an incredible job to keep things on a high so the new guy can come in and just keep it rollin.

Well this is probably the weakest email EVER, but I have not much else to say. I am thankful for the energy I do have and the time that I have left. I will finish strong and to the end because I can't live with the what if or wish I would haves. This is the Lords work and the greatest work on earth. Thank you all for your love and support. I love yous!!!

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