This is His Work!!!

Date: Sunday, March 27, 2011, 3:34 PM

Well thanks mom for the reminder that only 2 months left that is insane and I believe last week I asked for no more trunky comments. Oh well it is reality. This week was faster than ever we only have 1 full day of proselyting due to Monday P-day, Tuesday District meeting, Wednesday ZL council, Thursday Leadership Training, Friday weekly planning, Saturday baptisms, Sunday Church and come and see fireside that the mission puts on once a month! It was a quick one for sure. Of course lots learned and so much to apply. I am thankful that I still have so much to learn and am not just accepting fate. I will learn til my last day. The month was slow for the new zone I am in, we finished the month with only 19 baptisms, but the problem is we have 11 missionaries. We are refocusing on living our covenants like we did last winter as a mission and this will increase our faith as a principle of power. We have the action side of things our missionaries are working very hard, but they need to work smart and remember only in the strength of the Lord can we do what we have been asked to do and go to the next level.

My companion and I have been focusing on this a few days before we told the zone. Our pipes for baptizing in April were looking pretty dry. Sunday we found 6 new investigators. 3 come from a Nigerian family. Their father moved to Australia for work. He moved in with their Auntie, and when he found out she was a Mormon was convinced that he would go and "save" her. Little did he know he would be the one getting converted. Then he called his wife and 2 kids and said you need to go to this church. Sunday after sacrament we were walking around meeting people and we met them. They loved it, stayed for all three hours, and then came to the fireside. We have full faith that they will be baptized in April. Also a girl names Sally got permission from her mother to start the lessons and prepare to be baptized. She is the Sister of Jasmine. Who over the past week has quit smoking. Mom you will never believe how we helped her to quit. Of course it was by the power of God, but I have been bugging President to allow us to text so we can have more contact with our investigators and on Tuesday he finally approved. We send Jasmine random messages and she messages us when she needs help. She has been smoke free for almost a week. Now she just needs to be married which they have planned for this week and she will be all set to be baptized. Also We went and taught our bishop's Sister in law and some of her family before Church on Sunday. She lives out of our area, but in our zone. We had a great lesson with her and Bishop was so happy with how we handled her. She will still be baptized in the proper ward, but we will do our best to help her to feel comfortable and gain a solid testimony of the Gospel.

In other wonderful news Jenny was baptized, we helped her overcome her concern last Sunday, but were not sure if she would be baptized. We went Monday night and she said Elder I will be getting baptized this weekend. I said pardon me. Then she repeated I will be getting baptized this weekend. We were happy as! I have come to know that living our covenants truly is what brings us power. Not our own power, but the power that can only come from God. So many things this week, and throughout my whole mission have given me a sure knowledge that this is his work, and when we do it his way we will find great success. I love you all and ask that you pray that Elder Ward and I can DO what is required to take this Zone to the next leve

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