I love my life!!!

April 4, 2011
Well we have had an incredible week in the zone! On Tuesday we went and trained each of the districts on how to use Faith as a Principle of Power. We shared with them how we received this revelation and the spirit bore witness to each of them that we are here for them and that this is what the Lord needs us to do! We shared that as we live our covenants this is how we obtain power. We have studied different covenants as a zone over the passed week and committed them to live them more fully. We had 4 baptized this weekend and 18 new sets. That puts us as a Zone to a projected of 28 souls saved with 10+ more that are shaky and need more guiding!! I know for a surety that when we do it in the Lords way and in His time table we will be blessed beyond measure. President was beyond happy and said he wanted to give me a big kiss. I was grossed out and asked him if he was feeling ok. HAHA

In more personal news the Nigerian Family of 3 has been set for baptism on the 16th we are so excited for them. They just absorb all the information that we give them and they are just fully surrounded by support and love! Also we set a girl for the 16th that comes to church with her Grandma. Her name is Etienne, she is 12 and very shy, but loves the Gospel and is so ready to be baptized! Jasmine is still doing well and her sister is just in limbo on whether she will be baptized here or in Australia. So right now we have 5 for the 16th, but hopefully with Salafai it will be 6. We have seen so many miracles with these people it is just crazy, but we always give thanks to a merciful God that loves his humble servants. I know that he will continue to bless us as we qualify and for his power.

Conference will be shown to us next weekend so I am really looking forward to that, from the stories that I hear it has been really good. It scares me to think that it is my last General Conference as a missionary. Nothing is greater than wearing a black name tag. I am so convinced of that!! Thanks for all your love and support. I love you all and pray for you constantly.

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