BYE BYE transfer #15

Date: Sunday, March 6, 2011, 2:36 PM

Well things have been unusually slow this week here in Tamaki, but our slow is much much different than other peoples slow! I am grateful that we endured well, and still had some wonderful miracles. One of the Sisters in the zone Sister Elisaia goes home tomorrow. She is a very high baptizer, but was disappointed as to how her last 2 transfers here in Tamaki has gone. During the day I felt a prompting to call her and share with her my testimony. When I called I told her about the prompting bore my testimony to her then told her that Heavenly Father was so proud of her and the things that she has done! I then asked her how she felt and what she has been praying for. she shared with me that she was unsure if Heavenly Father was happy with how her last 12 weeks have gone! She, through tears, expressed her gratitude. Little does she know I was benefited of the experience. There are few things better than being used by Heavenly Father to answer someones prayer! I am thankful for that prompting and being obedient to what it asked me to do. I learned this from Sister Porter she on many occasions will tell us as Zone Leaders how much she is proud of us and that Heavenly Father knows what we are gong through. IT always is at the right time or when you feel that you just can't keep going! She has also called me multiple times just to say she cares or that she is thankful for us. She is the best example of gratitude I know!

In other News Crystal, Matt, and Theodore's mom is getting baptized on the 19th of this month she is very excited and as been so very touched by the change in her children. It was weird to have my last Sunday in Hillary ward. I bore my testimony and the spirit was very strong all of church. They have been so good to me and I am thankful for each family in the ward. President told me that I am moving, but I don't know where yet. He just said that I have one more assignment before I go home so I am a little nervous, but know that all will work out as long as I rely on the Lord. It is so important that we do things his way and on his time table!! I know that he will always help us in our righteous desires! We had zone conference with President Callister this week. He is the Area President, and has more knowledge of the scriptures than anyone I know. It was a great boost.

Well that is about all,l I am excited for the adventures of the next 12 weeks they may be my last, but it is my prayer and desire that they will be my best. As I told Sister Porter "We DON'T get trunky, there are too many souls to save!'' she just smiles and probably thinks I am a loon haha. Love you all have a wonderful week!

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