Another one bites the dust

Date: Sunday, April 10, 2011, 4:43 PM

Again I sit here and write another email home. It is crazy to hear that Justin will be home in 5 or so days and that Tony should be home any time as well! It scares me because I know that I left not too long after them! We had another wonderful week! Heaps of teaching and finding our personal area is really chuggin! The zone in like manner is doing very well. We had a few bumps dues to people missing church, but overall things are going very well! We really need all of your continued prayers and support as we come to the last two weeks of the month and head into "Massive May". The McIvor family are all doing so well along with Jasmine and Etienne. They all will be baptized this coming weekend! On even more exciting news this man Ray, I never know who I tell you about and who I do not, but Ray lives in the apartment complex we knocked a little while ago. He slammed the door in our face, and we just kept going. We have a member that stays in that same apartment complex and They are friends, last Sunday she brought him over and said you need to listen to these young men. We have been teaching him all week and is now set to be baptized early in May. Saturday we taught him the word of wisdom, and he went from 20-40 smokes down to 0. He has made a HUGE change in his life. He turns 60 in a week or so. He has made a 180 in a matter of a week. No matter how many conversions I have seen on the mission each one still amazes me and just clearly shows that this is the Lord's work. He is in Charge and when we do it His way we will have miracles! We also set a young girl for the 28th of May. Mom, Dad, and Estee you will see what we are all about, Saving Souls. We will make it for the evening so you can have a granny nap after your flight. HAHA People just never stop asking when I am done or the missionaries in the Zone have a countdown, and most of the emails I get are just filled with trunky thoughts. It does not seem real. I feel that I will be doing this forever which would be just fine with me as long as I had 2 weeks with my mom every 2 years! I love life. Heavenly Father is so good to me! After General conference I think it is quite clear what the next step in my life must be!! If you don't get it watch conference and take note at how many times Marriage is talked about. Every time something was said the Elders on my row would all just turn to me and give me a grin or just smile. It was so dumb, but many prayers were answerd in that 10 spiritual FEAST! How grateful I am for a loving family and Parents that beat the gospel into me so that when I was humble enough to listen it was already there. OK beat is a little harsh, those that know my mom know she has no angry bone in her body unless she has to pay full price or for silly parents that come into her office! But what a magnificent life I have because of how I was raised. Mom and Dad I hope and pray that I have made you proud. I know the Lord has blessed us all because of how we live our lives. I don't know where I would be or what I would do with out Loving parents and patient siblings. Estee Kyle Alyssa I love you (even if your emailing has been slack omit that Estee you are faithful) I pray for each of you daily and know the Lord will guide your paths. It will be great to come home and be mature together and progress in the Gospel as a family!! Until then I will give my all to the people of New Zealand and to the Lord for that is what they deserve. Work work work there is nothing like missionary work. I love you all and hope your week is filled with opportunities to build your faith and testimony of our Saviour Jesus Christ and His gospel!! I testify that this is his work. This is His Church, and I am his Servant, I bear witness of the reality and truthfulness of the Restoration through the Prophet Joseph Smith, we have a Prophet on the Earth today, President Thomas S. Monson, God lives and loves us, Jesus is the Christ and or savior and Redeemer. Aunt Cassie I will testify all of my days. I took your challenge all week and watched the hearts of other change! God be with you til we meet again!!
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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